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Computerized Time Clocks, often referred to as Time Totalizers, use specific time cards unique to each time recorder machine. Simply click on your time clock below to take you to view all the time cards that work with your specific time clock.  In some cases you may need to identify a series number, time card sequence number, or even pay period type to obtain the correct card for your needs. Call (800) 605 - 7308 for further assistance.


  Acroprint ES-1000 Acroprint ATT-310 Amano MJR-7000s Amano MJR-8000s
  Amano MJR-BIO Amano MRX-35 Amano MJR-8500 Amano Microder II
  Amano MR7000 Microder Cincinnati TC-100 Cincinnati TC-101 Cincinnati TC-250
  Cincinnati TC-400 Isgus Perfect 2040 Kronos TK 5 Kronos TK 15
  Kronos TK 25 Lathem 7000E Pyramid 4000 Pyramid 5000
  Simplex Consecutive Simplex Heritage Simplex TMT Stromberg SJX-8000
  Stromberg EPR-100 Stromberg EPR-220    
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ATT312 Daily Cost Cards
Your Price: From $84.99 to $412.50
ATT312 Daily Cost Cards
Daily Cost Card ATT312 - Acroprint ATT-310 Computerized Totalizer Time Cards
ATT313 Job Cost Cards
Your Price: From $84.99 to $412.50
ATT313 Job Cost Cards
Job Cost Card ATT313 - Acroprint ATT-310 Computerized Totalizer Time Cards
ATR9000 Time Cards
Your Price: From $69.99 to $344.95
ATR9000 Time Cards
Time Card ATR9000 - Acroprint CATT-9000 Computerized Totalizer Time Cards

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